September 13
Ciudad Natal:
Cleveland, OH
I fell in love with bari when...
Me enamoré de bari cuando…

I took my first drip class with Yin

my theme song is…

Dont Stop Dancing by Kaskade & EDX (feat Haley)

my tribers walk out of my class feeling…

euphoric, exhilarated, accomplished

you’ll love my class if…

you want to sweat, have fun, dance like a crazy person all while getting a great workout

my first impression of bari was…

warm and welcoming

this might surprise you, but… (three truths)

1. I work a full time job in finance
2. I have a major obsession for shoes....the higher the better
3. I’m a HUGE sports fan...especially basketball (Go Cavs!!!)

what are three words to describe living in new york city?

Diverse, energetic, hustle

instagram or snapchat?


top three most used emojis?

Muscle arm, fire, one eyed face with tongue sticking out

the best advice i’ve ever received…

be true to yourself...everyone is going to have an opinion so you might as well do what makes you happy

my favorite indulgence is…

french fries/ice cream

i own too many…

shoes (I have a MAJOR problem...the higher the heel the better)

if i weren’t a bari instructor i’d be…

Bari is my side gig as I also work in finance so I have the best of both worlds.

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