October 24
Ciudad Natal:
Yorktown Heights, NY
I fell in love with bari when...
Me enamoré de bari cuando…

I still fall in love with bari everyday when I walk through the door. I am always so excited to hang out with my team and catch up with all the clients. It feels like home.

my theme song is…

Buzzfeed told me it was R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha Franklin - I’ll take it

my tribers walk out of my class feeling…

Balanced, Grounded and Energized

you’ll love my class if…

A solid remix gets your blood pumping!

my first impression of bari was…

Jeeze this burns...

this might surprise you, but… (three truths)

1. My nickname in college was Ja Rule Pandora
2. I almost got arrested for ghost riding the whip (sorry mom)
3. I put pesto on pretty much everything

what are three words to describe living in new york city?

1. What
2. The
3. F**k

instagram or snapchat?

Snapchat FTW

top three most used emojis?

1. Green Heart
2. Upside Down Smiley
3. The taco is very important to me

the best advice i’ve ever received…

Anything goes as long as you’re happy!

my favorite indulgence is…

Killing my plants on purpose so I have an excuse to buy new ones.

i own too many…

Scented Candles

if i weren’t a bari instructor i’d be…

An interior designer

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