March 25
Ciudad Natal:
Toronto, Ontario
I fell in love with bari when...
Me enamoré de bari cuando…

I stepped foot on a mini trampoline. My life was forever changed for the better!

my theme song is…

Crazy in Love, Beyonce

my tribers walk out of my class feeling…

happy, strong and confident

you’ll love my class if…

music and movement are equally important to you in a workout.

my first impression of bari was…

this is way better than barre class.

this might surprise you, but… (three truths)

1. I have extraordinary face recognition abilities (convinced I could work at the CIA). This skill does not extend to remembering names.
2. Never truly enjoyed taking a bath...though I continue to try.
3. My secret passion is eating.

what are three words to describe living in new york city?

A moveable feast

instagram or snapchat?


top three most used emojis?

Based on frequency, not preference: heart eyes, neutral face, monkey covering his eyes

the best advice i’ve ever received…

know your worth.

my favorite indulgence is…

ice cream

i own too many…

an objective person would say handbags

if i weren’t a bari instructor i’d be…

a private equity investor (also my day job!)

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