May 13
Ciudad Natal:
Cedar Rapids, IA
I fell in love with bari when...
Me enamoré de bari cuando…

I noticed how strong I was getting. I was in a jazz dance class working on a difficult piece. Everyone around me was out of breath and I was fine. In fact, I was ready to try it again. I love the Bari!!

my theme song is…

Music & The Mirror from A Chorus Line-that is such a typical "musical theatre girl" answer but it's true. When I listen to that song while walking around New York I feel so empowered!

my tribers walk out of my class feeling…

accomplished, ready to conquer the day

you’ll love my class if…

you like being in a high energy environment and are open to pushing yourself to new levels. I'll be there cheering you on the whole way!

my first impression of bari was…

I took Tiffani's Bounce class and I completely forgot I was working out because I was having so much fun. Those are the best workouts. Those that challenge you, but also allow you to get lost in the movement.

this might surprise you, but… (three truths)

1.I have danced in over 60 countries including Georgia, Egypt, Russia, and Brazil. I just need to get over to the Australia/New Zealand area.

2. I am obsessed with peanut butter, like it's a problem. I have 4 different jars in my kitchen cabinet right now.

3. Genetically I have really high cholesterol levels. I love the Bari method so much that it has kept my workout habits consistent, and now I'm off medication. Whoo hoo!

what are three words to describe living in new york city?

Opportunity. Craziness. Hope.

instagram or snapchat?

Instagram for sure. I’m a visual person and Instagram inspires me.

top three most used emojis?

1. Double heart
2. Champagne bottle
3. Winkey Face-I can't wink in real life, so this is my only opportunity

the best advice i’ve ever received…

enjoy the journey. It's much easier said than done especially in this city, but the journey is what it's all about. It's where we spend the most time, where we grow, and where we cultivate the best relationships .

my favorite indulgence is…

ice cream, specifically mint chocolate chip. In fact I knew I was going to marry my husband when he said that was his favorite flavor too. Sealed the deal.

i own too many…

jars of peanut butter ;-)

if i weren’t a bari instructor i’d be…

a spy for the CIA, but only if it was exactly like being Jennifer Garner in Alias.

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