Studio Manager: Full-Time and Part-Time


A fitness studio and wellness start-up, Bari opened its doors in NYC in 2011. Since then, we’ve opened locations in New York, California and New Jersey, further honed our fitness formula, developed a food and nutrition brand, created a retail label and established a booming multimedia digital presence. We not only know movement, we are a movement. And we’re not looking to slow down anytime soon. We’re rapidly growing, and we’re looking for hardworking, whipsmart, adrenaline-and-deadline-loving junkies to join our amazing team.]

Who are you?

• You are motivated, enthusiastic and passionate about health and wellness; client success stories inspire you.

• You have a sharp, entrepreneurial mind.

• You can approach a problem from a micro or macro perspective and find a solution.

• You can’t live without your to-do lists; yes, that’s plural.

• You love to write; you cringe at the misuse of your/you’re and it’s/its; you have an opinion about the oxford comma.

• You enjoy a day in a non-traditional office, interacting with clients, hanging out with the staff and constantly navigating between multiple projects on your laptop.

• You are trustworthy and accountable.

• You’re active on multiple social media platforms, and you realize the importance of authentic and strategic social media in the business realm.

Job Description

You will be managing the Bari Summit studio from A to Z. You’ll be held accountable for the everyday aspects of a start-up company, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Client Management

• Managing our clients – namely their experience at Bari – will be your key focus.

• You will answer their emails and calls, book their appointments and make sure they are getting the best experience and service possible.

• Our clients come first, always. At Bari we don’t only offer exercise, we offer an experience. Say hi to all of your clients, ask their names, and learn them. Be interested in them and learn from them.

2. Day-to-day Operations

• You will be responsible for creating and managing the class schedule and making sure that trainers have everything they need to perform their best.

• You will manage your staff and execute training development.

• You will strategize client and attendance growth and retention efforts.

• You will assist accounting.

• You will oversee housekeeping and studio maintenance, ensuring the location is always in top shape.

3. Marketing and Brand Management

• You will contribute to our social media platforms.

• You will be our insight into local sales and communicate when our brand team can support studio-specific goals.

• Outreach over the phone, over email and in person is key to the growth of the company. Don’t be afraid to walk around town, chat up bari and form strategic relationships with whoever you might meet.

• You will implement studio-specific promotions and campaigns.

• While the day-to-day logistics are always top priority, you will also contribute to writing projects, from blog posts to community emails, and manage social media accounts.


Full-time and part-time applicants welcome.


To apply, send an email to with “Summit Studio Manager” in the subject. Attach a copy of your resume and include a brief cover letter in the body of the email.