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baribounce featured on racked!

Thank you to Racked and bari triber Carlye for this great feature on trampoline workouts: Trampoline, The Childhood Favorite That Makes For One Hell of a Workout!

“In New York, there is a flavor of trampoline exercise for every mood and I’ve tried them all (well, most). Through and through, Bari Studio remains my favorite for its full-body approach and challenging choreography. This is actually my regular workout of choice!” Read the full article here.

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daily front row + self’s joyce chang work out at bari

We had so much fun sweating it out with SELF Editor in Chief, Joyce Chang, and Daily Front Row writer Alexandra Ilyashov! Get the low down (pun intended, Tribers) on their bari experience + find out how one of New York City’s top fitness editor works out week to week. Read the full article here.

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women’s health feature: courtney’s #sweatitforward playlist

Thanks to Women’s Health for featuring Courtney’s Sweat It Forward playlist as this week’s “new favorite playlist.” Check out the feature on The Sweat Life’s #SweatItForward initiative + Courtney’s killer playlist here.

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#sweatitforward kick off with barry’s bootcamp

We’re still riding an incredible (bounce-induced) high from last night’s Sweat It Forward kick off event with Barry’s Bootcamp. To the Aly +  The Sweat Life, thank you for all of the hard work and brain power that went into taking this amazing idea from concept to action. We’re so honored to have been the studio to launch this rolling challenge, and we can’t wait for another studio to challenge us!

For some background on the Sweat It Forward campaign and how and why we’re banding together to stand up to cancer, read Aly’s post here. At bari, we’re sweating it forward because we’re all in this together — and it’s time we start acting like it. We recognize that our energy and efforts are far more potent when we collaborate, and we think fighting cancer is a pretty good reason to pack up any competition or egos in the name of affecting change.

Are you on board? Please consider donating to Stand Up 2 Cancer here.

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diary of a fitness studio owner {guest post on the sweat life}

Want a sneak peek into the brains behind bari? Check out bari founder Alexandra Bonetti’s latest guest post on The Sweat Life  for five business-meets-life lessons.

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#failproof2015 next steps: set an intention

You’ve just nailed your best program ever. You’ve seen results you’ve never seen before. You feel like a brand new person: when you sit at your desk, you actually miss holding plank (we get it, we feel the same way). So now what? Don’t let all that good, sweaty work go to waste. You’ve danced, bounced and toned your way to a new body and a new mindset, so go forth and conquer a whole new routine. The first step is simple: set your intention.

Intentions are everything. They align you with what’s important and keep you engaged when you want to give up. If you’re going to maintain your healthiest relationship ever, you gotta have one. So here are a few options:

My intention is…

…to make it all about today. for the triber whose mind is always racing too far into the future. You don’t need to work for the future, just work for this moment. Lace your sneaks, walk out the door and do it today.

…to feel grounded. for the triber who feels pulled in a million different directions. You can create a sense of centeredness and calm just by committing to your healthy routine and consistently staying present.

…to push myself past my limits. for the triber who doesn’t like to take a risk. Your body and mind are stronger than you admit, and when you let yourself push past your comfort zone, you’ll almost always surprise yourself.

…to feel balanced. for the triber who struggles with having a narrow, singular focus. You get in your own world, and that keeps you from experiencing the good parts of your life and your workout.

…to simplify my life and allow it to be easy. for the triber who fights against flow. Your body and mind work in perfect flow when you let go of tensions that don’t serve you. In order to work hard in the right places, it’s time to let go in the right places, too.

Setting an intention is the very first (most important) step. Pick one of these intentions, or set your own, and check back this week for how to use them to keep your momentum going.


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bari mashable fashion week workout

bari on mashable: “i worked out like a model for fashion week”

One Mashable writer tried working out like a model for Fashion Week at bari and lived to tell the (sweat-drenched) tale. Check out her review of bari + her insight into how models prep for Fashion Week here.

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how to find your why

You hear your trainers say it all the time in class: “Why did you decide to show up today?” It’s meant to be motivational, to make you feel inspired by yourself, to keep you in it when you’d rather quit. When you know your why, you don’t focus on the pain or the fatigue. Your focus shifts to how badass it is that you show up to change your body and choose a happy life. And those tiny shifts in perspective during your class bleed into major shifts in your entire life.

For whatever reason, sometimes understanding our why doesn’t come so easily. Maybe you haven’t tried it before or you think you don’t care that much or you’re running through the motions on autopilot. My guess is that no matter what you assume your why is, if you haven’t checked in recently, you don’t actually know. Our bodies and our lives change daily, so we have to stay on top of our internal barometer. Checking in with our why keeps us focused and makes sure we’re headed toward the right goals.

So check in with yourself. Here’s your step-by-step process to find your why and make every single workout better:

  • find a quiet space + five minutes: You don’t need lots of space or time. Lock yourself in the bathroom, close your door at work, take the stairs up to the office instead of the elevator, or do this during the cooldown of your classes this week. All you need to do is find a few minutes and some quiet.
  • take three deep breaths: Slow down your mind by calming down your breath. Breathe in deeply through the nose and out the mouth. Make your exhale audible as you empty your lungs of every last drop of air.
  • envision yourself after class: During the cool down, what are the thoughts that are running through your head when you’re really present? Not your checklist, your happy thoughts. It could be that you surprised yourself, you’re proud of yourself, you’re energized. You could feel calmer, more patient or uplifted. Notice the thoughts that make you feel the best.
  • ask yourself why: Why do those thoughts make you feel so good? What are other times those feelings appear in your life? What are they linked to? Why are those thoughts and feelings important to you? How do they improve your life? How do they make you feel about yourself?
  • label it + use it: When you’ve answered those questions, you’ve found your why. Distill it down to one word: peace. Or one reason: I’m a better partner. Make it simple and easy to remember when life gets in the way. Then when you come back to class, pull it out as your secret weapon. Second side of your scorpion series: Use your why. Getting to class first thing in the morning: Use your why. Holding your plank four counts longer: Use your why.

Knowing your why is a powerful tool to use in and out of class. It’s what will keep you motivated when you need it the most and train your brain to habitualize the positive, not the negative. Check in with yourself at least once a month and see where you are. Chances are knowing your why will get you further than you could have ever imagined.

photo credit: George Evan Photography

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bari + ashley avignone work out with self mag!

Get an inside look into celebrity stylist (and kickass Triber) Ashley Avignone’s workouts at bari. SELF editor, Melissa Ventosa Martin, joined Ashley for a barimicro privé session and talked all things fitness, fashion and style. Read the full story here.

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making us happy this week: 2.4.2015

Happy hump day, Tribe! In need of a little mid-week inspiration and positivity? Here’s a round up of the little things that are making us happy this week.

—coast-to-coast bari guest teaching week(s)! This week, bari Tribeca is hosting bari Newport’s (and NYC OG) Kara, and Tribeca trainer Kat is guest teaching at bari Newport! Next up, Courtney is shipping out to Newport Beach for TWO WEEKS of bari butt kicking. East meets west, Tribe meets Tribe — life is good. Don’t miss out on the chance to sweat with these bari all stars; check out your studio’s class schedule and sign up!


—seeing bari triber + supermodel linda vojtova in shape magazine! Check out the January/February issue for the scoop on Linda’s daily bari workouts + an incredible fitness fashion spread (styled by another bari Triber, Audrey Slater!).10947221_791528027580812_2309008633908881396_n

—having way too much fun at bari summit’s photoshoot with mikifoto


—will ferrell lip syncing “drunk in love.” To quote Jimmy Fallon: “There’s no unseeing that.”

—jimmy kimmel’s latest “mean tweets” edition.

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