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fitness geek: health news round up 8.29.2014

  1. Nutrition labels aren’t totally transparent. Case in point: Zero doesn’t always mean zero. Though trans fat has seemingly been removed from all packaged foods, many companies are keeping up to .5 grams of trans fat in their products because they can legally list it as zero on packages. npr
  2. The complicated implications of BPA on women’s health: know the risk that plastics and cans pose. —the new york times
  3. Too much of a good thing is still too much; what are the implications of over-consuming almonds? —the atlantic
  4. Why do you feel so hungry after working out? It may be psychological. greatist
  5. Look out for the ingredient lupin, specifically in gluten-free foods. The FDA warned that it’s a common allergen for those with legume allergies, so consume with caution. —prevention
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afterlight (1)

20 choices that will make you immediately happier

1. Decide to decide. Stop putting off tiny decisions that end up cluttering your life. Respond to the text. Recycle the junk mail. Subscribe or unsubscribe. Decide now.

2. Promote someone else’s work. Anna Deavere Smith has said, “To make your own mark on the world, you must see the mark of others.” Choose to see how others are influencing the world for the better, then throw them your support. Shout their praises from the rooftops. Let yourself be inspired.

3. Stop using the term guilty pleasure. Pleasure is an underrated thing, and there should always be more of it. Don’t cast a shadow on your happy place by feeling guilt. If you love something, own it.

4. Love your mistakes. Mistakes are your best teachers. Allow yourself to be a student of your failure. Appreciate the guts it takes to acknowledge when you were dead wrong, and use those less-than-perfect moments to help you grow.

5. Make family a priority. Call your mother. Hug your kids. Kiss your spouse. Family, for better or worse, is your history. Spending time with the people who know you and love you will keep you grounded. If there is one, bury the hatchet.

6. Build up your friends. Use the extra energy you’re gaining from all these choices to build up your friends. Don’t assume they know how much you respect and love them; tell them.

7. Work out. Endorphins. Duh.

8. Spend time outside. Being out in the sun not only gives you a dose of Vitamin D, it lets your perspective open up. Seeing amazing landscapes or even just being present among others is an immediate mood-booster. Go for a walk. Take the long way home from work. Ride your bike.

9. Put meaning into your work. Choose to make the world a better, brighter place no matter what you’re doing for money.

10. Say no. Building a practice of saying no means you are actually in tune with your mind/body needs. You are giving yourself space and time when you need it. It also gives others permission to slow down, too. Saying no can be uber generous.

11. Say yes. On the other side of that coin, let yourself be open to adventure. Say yes to the unexpected. The basic rule to good improv is saying “Yes, and…” and it’s the basic rule for an adventurous life as well.

12. Connect with your community. Humans are social by nature. We thrive off of community. So connect with yours, whether it’s at home, at school, at bari, wherever. Get to know people’s names, engage in conversation, step out of your bubble to connect.

13. Get a playlist. Music is a huge mood booster. Get the tunes that you love and turn them all the way up.

14. Go to sleep. 7-8 hours every night.

15. Meditate. Can’t quite get to sleep? Turn off the electronics and meditate for 10 minutes before bed. Not only does it help you wind down, it has been proven to decrease stress.

16. Learn how to do something new. Learning something new can be scary, but it can be invigorating. Remember the first time you stepped into bari and how exciting it was? Keep your brain active and happy by being a perpetual student.

17. Get in your flow groove. Flow is that sweet spot where something challenges you just beyond your skill level so you have to rise to meet it. Flow is a natural high. Get in your groove to get happy.

18. Make your commute a mental sabbatical. Our minds race day in and day out, and it’s hard sometimes to slow down. So make your commute your mental break. Decide that when you’re traveling, you’re just going to stay present. You might just show up at your destination with a little more mojo.

19. Drink more water. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: is your pee clear? No? Drink more.

20. Affirm yourself. At the end of the day, the only person who can make you happy is you. So put some love into yourself. Say the kind things that you would say to someone else who needed a boost. Put a smile on your own face, and see how much better you feel.

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Making Us Happy This Week

making us happy this week: 8.27.2014

Happy hump day, Tribe! In need of a little mid-week inspiration and positivity? Here’s a round up of the little things that are making us happy this week.

—bari newport beach’s video shoot with jumpsport. A full day of lights, cameras, bounce and bari babes — nothing to complain about over here.


—labor day weekend! We can’t wait to wear white, celebrate the last weekend of summer and relax before welcoming september, fall and a return to routine. We’ll still be sweating all weekend long on modified schedules, so pre-game your partying with bari!


—this opinion piece on anthropologie furniture. Hilarious. (We still want it all though.)

—this toddler who takes the ice bucket challenge and reacts… exactly like the rest of us.

—this guy’s creative productivity while working from home. His at-home office attire is on point, too.

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fitness geek: health news round up 8.22.2014

  1. That quinoa, it’s so hot right now  so hot, in fact, that the U.N. is helping it make moves from being grown exclusively in the Andes to Central Asia and beyond. npr
  2. Why we believe in warm ups and cool downs over traditional stretching: science finds that static stretching can weaken muscles, damper athletic performance and even lead to injury.—the atlantic
  3. Breakfast: most important meal of the day or simply overrated? New study findings point to: If you like breakfast, eat it. If you don’t, don’t. Novel idea. —the new york times
  4. Dead phone? Soon, you may be able to recharge by working up a sweat. —prevention
  5. Calm down, you’re stressing everyone out. Really, your stress is contagious and rubs off on those around you, so, for the greater good, breathe. —self

Bonus feature: The Atlantic talks juice cleanses. Happy Friday, tribe!

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fitness geek: health news round up 8.15.2014

  1. We avoid parabens in beauty products, but what are they doing in our tortillas? —npr
  2. Exercise: Good for the body, the brain… and your pain threshold. —the new york times
  3. Do these suburbs make us look fat? New research shows that people in dense cities are thinner and healthier than those in the suburbs; the secret is in the street patterns. —the atlantic
  4. When is a habit not a habit? Understanding the difference between an action (even a recurring one) and a habit is essential to changing a behavior long-term. —summer tomato
  5. Next on the healthy eating to do list? Relearning how to eat fish for sustainability. —the new york times
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bari featured in hannah bronfman’s beach body secrets

Thanks to our friend, Hannah Bronfman, for spreading the bari love in this interview! Read the full piece here: Hannah Bronfman’s Beach Body Secrets and Top “Gym Selfie” Tips.

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Making Us Happy This Week

making us happy this week: 8.13.2014

Happy hump day, Tribe! In need of a little mid-week inspiration and positivity? Here’s a round up of the little things that are making us happy this week.

—keeping it real. Because honesty is the best policy. And because who doesn’t want to look better naked? Get those bari butts in to class today, tribe.


—summer-to-fall farmer’s market bounty. Eggplant, cauliflower and tomatoes, oh my. Need some recipes to put that farmer’s market haul to use? Check out our weekly Meatless Monday recipes.

photo (8)

—this magical bari newport beach reunion. Can you tell that Michelle is excited for Kara’s first day at bari newport?

photo (7)

this baby who just gets it.


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racked LA bari newport beach

bari newport beach featured in racked la

Thank you, Racked LA, for the write up on bari Newport Beach! Read the full article here: Bari Studio’s High-Energy, Hi-Tech Hybrid Workouts Land in LA.

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a happy life starts with choosing a healthy body

Why do people bari?

I’ve sat down a thousand times with our team to discuss why people come to bari and what effect bari has on people’s lives. We’ve sent surveys, conducted focus groups and picked your brains informally (there’s nothing like a good post-class lobby chat).  I love these conversations because they really inject energy into our team; they uplift us, recharge us and challenge us to always be a better company. It’s one of our favorite topics of discussion because it’s a grounding reminder of the work our clients put in and also what you achieve. Connecting the dots shows us why you bari, how you bari and the impact those daily choices have on your life in and out of the studio.

But it was the last time I sat down to look at this question that I really got to the bottom of the why behind my business.

People who come to bari are happier people. We actually provide a happier life. And it all begins with your choices; every time you choose a healthy body, you choose a happier life.

Yes, it’s a broad statement. But  this is how it plays out:

You, our new triber, come into bari usually looking for a better body or a workout you’ll finally love. Fast forward 6 to 12 weeks – which include a lot of sweat and discipline on your part – you find both. You fall in love with your body and your workout. All of a sudden, bari is just part of your life. This is usually what people come for – results and a fun and effective workout they can stick to – so you would think this is where it’s game over. But it’s actually just the beginning of a new chapter in your health journey.

Once you’re comfortable in your body and in your workout, you seriously dive into the bari community. You want more; you want to understand more. Your body starts craving healthy in a whole new way. You read our blog regularly. You start cooking differently, feeding your loved ones differently. You make new friends at bari and outside of bari – people you can share your health cravings and crushes with.

Then you start feeling something different: It’s not just about your body anymore, you command a new sort of confidence when you walk into a room – it doesn’t matter if it’s your kitchen, your bedroom, a bar or a boardroom. You believe in yourself in new ways because you know what you’re capable of achieving when you commit, when you challenge, when you push yourself, when you allow yourself to believe in yourself. You start being in a good mood what seems like all the time, and you feel more inspired, more creative. Your relationships start getting stronger, you’re picking fewer fights and fewer things upset you. You start feeling on top of the world, all the time.

And to think that all started with one small choice trickling into the next small choice. It all started with choosing a healthy body. Without really thinking about all these side effects, you become a happier person. And this doesn’t mean you found happiness in a new place – happiness has been inside of you this entire time. Happiness is actually your true nature. You just allowed yourself to open up and live it. You allowed yourself to be closer to your source. You believed in yourself and opened your mind to your best self.

Sometimes when I receive an email from one of you with your triber tale, and you don’t focus so much on your results I wonder why. I think to myself “this person lost 20 pounds, so many inches, fit into her college jeans and all she’s talking about is how much she loves the bari tribe or how her relationships improved or how she loves her life!” And in a real aha moment, I now realize you might come to bari to look good, but the reason why you come back every day is because you’re a happier person.

This process and journey is a pretty incredible thing to be a part of, and we’re beyond lucky that this is actually our business. I can honestly say 2014 is the year we’ve seen the most transformations, and part of it is because our tribe grew – a lot – but I also feel  our commitment to ourselves was a little more serious this year and seriously contagious. You guys stepped up your game, individually and as a tribe. I’m not sure why – maybe the stars aligned or maybe you guys aligned the stars – but bari saw it happen.

It really wouldn’t be fair or accurate of us to encourage you to have “happiness” be your end goal. Because happiness is simply not an “end state” or something you will one day get to and then cross off your to-do list. Happiness is the state you are meant to be in; it’s inside of you at all times.

Happiness, however, is a practice. bari helps you practice your connection to your happiness state, it helps you open your mind, body and spirit to live in that state, it encourages you to open up your flow and your energy so you can experience it and share it.

If you haven’t jumped on this happiness bandwagon yet, it’s not too late. It’s never too late, because we were all born to fulfill this happiness inside of us. We were all born to choose happiness, and maybe your happiness journey starts by choosing a healthy body. It’s not everyone’s first step, but maybe it is yours if you give it a real chance.

Ready to dive in? This week I’ll post some advice on the best way you can take that first step or continue your commitment to your body, your health and your happiness this fall.

Have a great week, tribers! Thanks for always inspiring me and for giving us the opportunity to have the best job in the world. See you in class.

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fitness geek: health news round up 8.8.2014

  1. A new crop of gluten-free food banks are attempting to bridge the gap between Celiac disease and hunger. —npr
  2. Need a little extra incentive to take a Summer Friday and get outdoors? New research links vitamin D deficiency to a greater risk for Alzheimer’s. —the washington post
  3. This is your brain on fish: consuming fish once a week is all it takes to reap the rewards of a thicker, stronger and more resilient brain. —the atlantic
  4. The stress of dieting may cause depression. One more reason to keep calm and just bari. —time 
  5. Advice from a vegan cardiologist? Keep your eats plant based, and your heart will thank you. (This almost makes us feel like we could be doctors. Almost.) —the new york times
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