• unlimited access to six weeks of online bari workout videos
  • bari DIY detox plan
  • access to MNDFL’s online meditation platform
  • curated content from Sakara
  • weekly prescriptions with program details, including sweat goals, nutrition advice and mind-body motivation
  • access to baripeel Facebook group for questions and advice
  • access to email support from bari’s team of nutritionists, trainers and coaches
  • $120
the non-negotiables:
  • 3 lb weights
  • Exercise mat
  • Badass attitude
if you want the full experience (and full-fledged results):
  • Jumpsport fitness trampoline
  • 3 lb weights
  • Exercise mat
  • Badass attitude
  • baripeel 90-minute Master Class rate: $50 (regularly $60)
  • bari Double Trouble: When you double up, you can purchase your second class for a flat $20 (or 50 percent off your per-class price)
  • 30-minute focus classes at $15 (regularly $20)
  • $150 privé flat rate (regularly $175)
  • 15% off bari Coaching
  • 15% off bari nutrition services
  • 10% off merch
  • 15% off Sakara detoxes and meals
  • Discounted drop-in rates to MDNFL’s NYC studio

On top of our weekly support, prescriptions and tips, we’ve crafted add-on offerings to take your results to the next level. Participation in these events is optional, and they are not included in your peel participation cost.

Skype Private Sessions

Experience our signature private training program on your home turf when you book a skype privé.


{To receive your peel discount, book using the promo code you’ll receive in your welcome email}
Sakara Food

For our DIY peelers: Bari's 5 Day Cook-It-Yourself Detox is included in the baripeel program — along with weekly recipes and a curated round up of our favorite recipes from around the web.

If you're looking to delegate the shopping, chopping and cooking, we've partnered with Sakara to bring you six weeks of hassle-free, nutritious eats delivered to your door. As a peeler, you'll enjoy 15% off their entire site throughout the program.

We especially recommend signing up for their 5 day detox menu during weeks 1 and 6 of peel, when we'll be doing the detox as a team.

Nutrition Consults

At bari, we believe that nutrition is medicinal, and our nutrition services provide our clients with the nutritional support needed to lead a thriving and energized life. Because each body is different, each needs its own prescription. Each customized bari nutrition program aims to discover each client’s nutritional needs and prescribe an entirely personalized nutrition lifestyle that nourishes, lightens and empowers.

$125/consult (via skype)


Take your results to the next level by working one-on-one with a bari coach. Based on your goals, fitness level and baritrak reports, your coach will prescribe a customized plan to strategically deliver the specific results you want.