Meet Kate Casey of Love and Knuckles, one of our newest bari Newport Beach Tribers. We loved initiating Kate into the Tribe with a signature bari sweat session (and maybe some NSFW banter with bari’s founder, Alexandra). You can read more about that in Kate’s full post here. For now, we’ll leave you with her abbreviated (and slightly more PG) version.
When one is given the opportunity to try a new exercise class they should take it, and take it I did. I trekked across town to take a class at the Bari Studio known for being New York City’s best hybrid workout infusing three core elements: sensory cardio, trampoline cardio, and muscle sculpting.
I rate exercise classes by the following criteria:
1. My ability to complete the class without leakage. (Three children have made their way out of my lady cavity).
2. Good music. And by good music I mean Kool & The Gang, Cobra Starship, and the theme song to the Greatest American Hero.
3. An instructor that isn’t wearing a thong leotard.
4. Leaving feeling like I have spent the last 55 minutes accomplishing what can’t be done with a VHS tape in the privacy of my own basement.
I consider myself a fit person. I work out 7 days a week. I pack running sneakers in my vacation luggage. I don’t like coffee and I have small children that wake up very early. If it were not for exercise I’d need masking tape to keep my eyelids open in the middle of the day. So I need something that will keep me breathing hard enough that I won’t regret the brownie I want to make out with later or bored enough that I am distracted by the last episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
I was vocal in my concern that I am rhythmically challenged, but my confident instructor Kara assured me that it would not be a step aerobics class. I would be dancing and jumping and toning waking up muscles that I didn’t know existed. She was right.
I am a little bit sore, but thrilled I am going to become stronger and prove to myself that I can attempt a dance sequence in public and not embarrass myself.
Consider me a Bari believer.