You guys, our waitlists are getting a little bit out of control! Even though it’s flattering (thank you, we love you), we want to make sure your experience is perfect and that as many of you can get into a class because… well, that #baribody doesn’t build itself.

If you’re signing up for class in advance because you know it will sell out: you’re smart! Please make sure you actually attend that class. I know you sign up with the best of intentions, so please try not to cancel last minute. Early cancelling — if you must! — gives us enough time to make a tentative sweat session a reality for someone on the waitlist.

If you’re waiting until the last minute to sign up: We know life happens and sometimes you can’t plan in advance, but please don’t call us to squeeze you into class. We really want the first 15 people who signed up to have the best classroom experience every time, and this means our class capacity is our class capacity; there’s no squeezing in.

If you’re calling to try to get an early cancel even though you cancelled outside of the early cancel window: please, please, please don’t! We can’t make exceptions, and you break our hearts every time you ask.

Need a refresher on the cancellation policy? It’s simple!:
Classes: cancel 12  hours in advance
Privés: cancel 24 hours in advance

Let’s all be team players and support our tribe’s sweat sessions by being mindful of each other when it comes to the waitlists!