1. Could cows be killing our planet? If health reasons aren’t enough incentive to commit to Meatless Mondayswatch this video on the environmental impact of meat consumption. –Center For Investigative Reporting
  2. As unabashed Michael Pollan enthusiasts, it’s no secret that we believe in ‘real food’ at Bari. Not sure what constitutes as ‘fake food?’ Here’s the rundown on fake health food: how to spot it and what you should eat instead. –Grist
  3. Is Bloomberg’s new soda downsizing initiative another paternal, ‘father knows best’ policy? Yes. But it just might work. Read The New Yorker’s thoughts on ‘Downsizing Supersize.’ –The New Yorker
  4. To POP or to juice, that is the question. More often than not, we reach for BariPOPS, but we like a good green juice, too. Word on the street: our next-door-neighbor and coffee mecca, Starbucks, is expanding its juice line. Will we see it in NYC soon? –Well + Good NYC
  5. Need extra incentive to come visit our East Hampton Pop Up? Proximity to the beach means you can dip your feet into one of the toughest workouts out there (second to Katia’s BariMICRO). Learn how the challenges of beach running can make you a faster runner and a better athlete. –The New York Times
  6. Want the ins and outs of being a vegetarian with tact? In the words of the always hilarious and informative Sweet Tater Blog, learn how to eat vegetables without losing all your friends in the process.” –Sweet Tater Blog