We’re so close to art at Bari; we make it part of our day to day, hang it on your walls, incorporate artists into everything we do… This week art was taken to a whole other level in our opposite neighborhood in New York.

There are 4 works total entitled ‘The Scream’: two owned by the National Gallery of Oslo, one held in the Much Museum, and the fourth was privately owned and sold this past Wednesday at Sotheby’s for $119.9 million. The works are incredible, but on top of being a highly recognized Expressionist work of art, is notorious for its theft scandal, which makes everything about it about seven times better.

Before Bari, I worked at Sotheby’s, so I can easily live vicariously through this reporter’s recap of the event… With ‘The Scream’ marking the new sale record at auction, having briefly worked with the Impressionist and Modern Art team, a small part of me is jealous to have missed the post-sale celebration… Instead, I watched the sale live from my Macbook (as any art fanatic anticipating history in the making would).

I’m lucky to have been so close to this world and I love how much we incorporate it here. Pretty sure our auctions are more fun!