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bari’s cardio is sweat-drenched, fun and effective. Our multidimensional formula incorporates dance and trampoline cardio to strategically push your body’s limits while balancing high and low impact modalities. Because we rely on sequences that challenge the body and engage the mind, your body will never plateau and your mind will never check out.

With a ‘no muscle left behind’ philosophy, bari’s muscle sculpting sequences incorporate bodyweight and prop-based toning to target each muscle group, sculpting a long, lean and toned body. Our dynamic sequences work your body from targeted angles to maximize fat burn and produce specific results. Not your average toning method — expect to spike your heart rate, make it rain (sweat) and see the best results ever.

bari vibes train you to tap into a positive framework with which to view the world. They’re at the core of everything we do at bari because they control our emotional fitness — an integral component to overall happiness and wellness and the best way to stay engaged in and excited about your physical fitness. Vibes teach our minds to instinctively control our emotions so we drive positive action. They’re how we connect to ourselves, to our tribe, to the music and to the movement.

the bari method
fall in love with your workout. fall in love with your body.

sensory cardio

inspired by dance cardio and sports training, sensory cardio features high-energy sequences that challenge your body and mind.


high-adrenaline, low-impact and supercharged with fun, bounce cardio leaves you drenched and on an endorphin high.

muscle sculpting

no muscle left behind — we strategically meld body weight and prop-based training to target your smaller muscles so your larger muscles don’t bulk.


never plateau. never get bored.

group classes

private training

corporate programs



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